Jennifer Logan

Whiskey Business @jenlogancooks

Jenn was our first baker at the Roll Call Room Cafe and makes some of the most amazing treats. Jenn is a working mom with an amazing dedication to providing the best food with the best ingredients. Aside from being a baker Jenn is also an amazing Sommelier. Our favorite treat that Jenn makes is cheesecake. Her cheesecakes are one of the most popular items here.


Kim Wright 


Kim started with the Roll Call Room Cafe by making her grandmothers fudge recipe. Her fudge is amazing but her cookies and cookie dough is insane! Kim's treats are made with the best ingredients and with a lot of love. Kim also makes quilts and coffee matts. Kim's husband John served our community and we thank him. 


Sugar Fiend 


Sugar Fiend Co. has been with the Roll Call Room Cafe since day one. We first started carrying Sugar Fiends coco bombs. Sugar Fiend makes many different amazing flavors of coco bombs by hand with only the best ingredients. Asha is an absolutely wonderful soul with the heart of gold and it shows in her amazing treats. Sugar Fiend is a permanent staple at our cafe. 


Anonymous Baker

Anika is one of the most talented bakers the Roll Call Room Cafe has. Anika was first a customer and a major coffee lover. Anika's cake pops are true works of art and delicious. Each cake pop is made by hand and we truly believe the best in the entire county. Anika is always available when we need a rush order even with being a working mom and wife to Andrew. 




Annalee is our newest baker and truly talented. When she's not excelling at school or volleyball Annalee is baking her heart out. At a young age she already has mastered the art of baking. Annalee bakes everything from yummy s'mores cookies to yummy Reeses cupcakes. Her treats are available at the Roll Call Room Cafe and we are proud to serve them.